Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interested Individuals

I have a case manager already. How do I get home delivery from GA Foods?

Are all the meals you deliver frozen?

How can I get meals delivered to my parents?

What is the cost of your meals?

What are the criteria for receiving meals from GA Foods?

What locations does GA Foods serve?

What languages does your Member Care Center support?

Case Managers

I need information on how to get a client started in this program.

What is Level 2 background screening?

What languages does your Member Care Center support?

Dietary and Nutrition

Are SunMeadow® meals DRI compliant?

Are SunMeadow® meals ok for patients with diabetes?

I have high blood pressure. Are your meals ok?

Are SunMeadow® meals ok for people with heart disease?

Does GA Foods offer renal meals?

Do you have meals for vegetarians?

Where can I find nutritional information for SunMeadow® meals?

Do you have Registered Dietitians (RDs) on staff?

Do you provide special menus for children who have allergies and other food sensitivities?

Product Information

What is the difference in SunMeadow® Dairy Beverage and milk?

There is blood in my chicken! Is that safe?

How can I tell when SunMeadow® shelf stable meals expire?
Are the trays in which the meals are packed BPA free?
Can your frozen meal trays really go directly in the oven?

Child Nutrition

What locations does GA Foods serve child nutrition programs and schools?

Are your meals eligible for reimbursement through the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program?

Do your meals meet the requirements of the Child and Adult Care Food Program?