Absolutely Delighted Member

“Good morning. I just wanted to share a member’s absolute joy in receiving their first shipment of meals from GA Foods last week. When I contacted said member to confirm services, she was absolutely delighted with her meals and had to describe each one that she had tried in great detail. Thank you so much for your assistance in bringing the service to our members during the COVID 19 crisis. It has made a significant difference.” ~ RW, LTSS Service Coordinator, Amerigroup.

Everyone Loves the GA Delivery Driver

Please pass along my thanks to Mr. Bill for his excellent customer service. Our clients have been VERY happy with him! This is from one of our social workers: Everyone LOVES the GA delivery driver – helpful, polite. One client said a relative had pulled up during the delivery and had groceries for my client. The delivery driver insisted on unloading the groceries. That was so nice and he didn’t have to do that. He is much appreciated and very loved.

World of Difference to our Clients

“One thing I love about this company is that they are all low sodium across the board, but that doesn’t take away from the quality,” she said. “One of the really large challenges we have in the nutritional healthcare world is being able to get our clients and our patients to be able to follow us on their diet because the taste is almost never there. Salt is what we love, so if you are able to use ingredients to be able to keep that flavor there, that makes a world of a difference to our clients.” ~ MOW Board Secretary, TX

Hamburger Meal is like Filet Mignon!

“The clients are saying the meals are more flavorful and there are larger portions.” “And our seniors are calling us to tell us what they think about the food. Yesterday, a client called about their hamburger meal. She said she thought it was like a filet mignon. So that was pretty cool.”  ~ MOW Executive Director, TX

I’m really impressed with them!

“I try to try one every day and I’m really impressed with them.” “My favorite one so far is the western omelet. It is a cheese omelet with egg and picante sauce on it. The side is the apple crisp with strawberry and it is very good.” ~ MOW Logistics Manager, TX

Not one item on menu he does not like!

I just had a client, who has been a client for 6 months, inform me that he hasn’t come across one item on our menu that he did not like – not one item! He said the food is outstanding and he never wants us to stop sending it. . Just thought I’d pass that along! Thank you and kudos!  ~ KS, Council on Aging of Volusia County

Started our New Meals Today!

As you know we started our new meals today. The smell was unbelievable. While they were eating I went out and asked how everyone liked the food. One person said that the rice and beans was spicier than the old way and she really liked it. You did not miss the salt as much. One person said that the chicken breast has never tasted that good. One stated that the mixed vegetables were cooked perfectly, not overdone. Overall everyone was very pleased.

~ RL, Branch Manager, NU-HOPE Elder Care Services, Inc.

Food is Great after Hospital!

Your food is great! After just being in the hospital this made a difference of having a meal and not.  ~ RD, Gateway Medicare Assured client, Pennsylvania

Seniors First Partnership

Just a quick note to say THANKS SO MUCH for arranging the fabulous open house and reception last night! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the new finishing kitchen and were very impressed with the state of the art equipment, custom electrical panels, freezer capacity etc.

We sincerely appreciate our long standing relationship/partnership with GA Foods to address the nutritional needs of our clients.

Thanks for all you do!

~ ML, Seniors First Inc.

Basic Training MRE Memories

I went through basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. We always had the SunMeadow MRE, and I loved them.  I wanted to know what was in them because I can’t remember to save my life and I really wanted them.  ~CE, Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA