HDM Drivers Build Relationships

An HDM client from New Jersey called to say how grateful she is to have a driver as GREAT as Jack delivering her food. She was feeling ill after a doctor appt and Jack was there at a crucial time to help her get to the sofa without falling. She could not say enough about how good food was compared to [a competitor] and that she doesn’t want us to take Jack off of her route.

~ MC, Eatonton, NJ

Diabetic Coma Prevented

GA Foods’ deliveryman Buck Brown was delivering to a member of ours who is usually waiting for him at the door.  Buck has a good rapport with him and since the member wasn’t there, and that was unusual, Buck thought something might be wrong.  He tried the door handle and peeked his head in the house and saw the member sitting in a chair.  Buck called out his name a few times with no response but a low gurgling noise.  Buck called 911 and stayed with the member until the EMS arrived.  Having an extra set of eyes and ears for home delivered meal clients can save lives.

Nutrition Operations Manager

The carrot salad with the cold sandwich meals was a big, big hit!!!  Clients are asking for more of it.

Private 2nd Class – Basic Training

This letter is in reference to your shelf stable breakfast meal.

I am a US Army soldier undergoing Basic Combat Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  I graduate this upcoming weekend, the 20th of June. (Hooah!)

One of my favorite daily occurrences is chow, and honestly, I love your breakfast meals.  They are convenient and nutritious and I think they taste great.  As a consumer, I am curious if the shelf meal is available for commercial resale.  These meals would eliminate the need for a lunchbox in my household.  Overall, I felt the desire to share my appreciation for your product.   Thank you for providing this product!

VOA Nutrition Program Director

We are very grateful to SunMeadow/GA Foods.  In particular, it has been wonderful to work with you and your outstanding delivery driver, Jared.  Without your help, we would have had great difficulty in getting nutritious meals to anyone.  Jared has been a true blessing for all of us in his efforts to do more than merely deliver meals; he took the time to truly help people.

Home Delivery Customer

You’re a blessing.  As is your food service and, especially Marcus, the driver.  Your food is tasty and packaged well.  Marcus is conscientious and excels in communication.  Thanks!

Serviceman in Iraq

I’m a US Soldier serving in Iraq, and I’d just like to say thanks for your efforts in supplying us with bundled meals. It’s a big morale booster getting away from the whole routine of eating MRE’s 3 times a day. We all appreciate your services! – PFC Skler Batdo

Hurricane Katrina Victim

I live 8 miles from New Orleans and was deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina. Your meals really saved us. We had no grocery stores opened until over a month after Katrina, and couldn’t get to out of town groceries.

Hurricane Wilma Victim

My family and I received food boxes after Hurricane Wilma; we were so relieved to have some food. We had been walking to the market daily, just to get necessities.

Hurricane Katrina Survivor

I am sending you this letter as a thank you for your wonderful meal kits; they were real life savers for New Orleans residents.