Nutrition Services

roastbeefAt GA Foods, our nutrition services are focused on designing healthy meals. Our registered dietitians are highly trained in developing a personalized nutritional plan for every customer. We take pride in creating great tasting SunMeadow® brand meals that are nutritionally balanced to provide proper nutrition, and always designed to meet each customer’s individualized needs. We regularly review our recipe offerings every season, developing new and tasty menu items that will appeal to our clients.

We begin with a detailed nutritional analysis to develop a balanced meal plan. From there, we meticulously plan our meals using the highest quality ingredients. Finally, all of our meals are certified by a Registered Dietitian to meet the prescribed dietary guidelines.

Our dietitians create meals and menu plans for customers seeking Frozen and Shelf-Stable solutions throughout the United States.

Menu plans for hot and chilled meals are also offered to customers throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Through daily catering, we offer these meals to support nutritional needs for:

  • Senior Dining & Community Nutrition Programs
  • Adult Day Care Facilities
  • After School Programs
  • Charter Schools
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Home-delivered frozen meals for hospitals
  • Meals for those with chronic conditions