What we offer

Wholesome, well-balanced, and great tasting meals feed not just the body but the soul. We are a meals provider that offers nourishment, and we understand the difference it makes in people’s lives. All of our meals are developed to meet the specific needs of each customer group, from preschoolers to older adults. SunMeadow® meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients, are produced under the strictest safety conditions, and always with great taste in mind.

Nutritious meals delivered to healthcare patientsHealthcare Meals

GA Foods delivers meals that are nutritionally balanced and filled with the highest quality ingredients to the homes of medically vulnerable patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital or who face chronic conditions that can be positively affected by proper nutrition. (more info)


Child NutritionChild_Nutrition_730

Within the State of Florida, the SunMeadow® brand is making a difference in the lives of children — in after-school programs, at school, and in backpack programs. (more info)


Senior Nutrition

Our senior meal program delivers nutritionally balanced, DRI-compliant meals comprised of restaurant-inspired recipes filled with the highest quality ingredients, and always created under stringent safety and sanitation conditions. (more info)


Emergency_Response_300Emergency Response

At GA Foods, we stand ready to assist your organization in your emergency response efforts for all types of disasters. Understanding that timing is the crucial component when providing aid, immediate shipping is available. (more info)


Military-Meals_300Military Meals

SunMeadow® offers fully prepared shelf stable as well as ready to thaw and serve Complete Military Breakfast, Lunch / Dinner Meal Kits designed for all branches of the Armed Forces. (more info)



SimpleCook is an all-new kitchen innovation from GA Foods that provides a flexible approach to group meals that…

  • Reduces the cost of your meal programSimpleCook - kitchen innovation from GA Foods
  • Improves food safety
  • Ensures “fresh from the oven” taste
  • Guarantees proper food temperatures at all stages of preparation
  • Allows multiple options matched to individual preferences for each mealtime
  • Works without a full kitchen by using the latest oven technology from GA Foods
  • Utilizes our SunMeadow® frozen senior meals that are chef and dietitian designed to incorporate great taste and nutrition