Florida Head Start Program Meals


Head Start programs are an important part of a working family’s life.  Ensuring children obtain proper nutrition while away from their parents is a key ingredient in the valuable service these programs provide. GA Foods provides great value in navigating the complex elements of the Child Care Food Program (CCFP) and Head Start meals, making sure that all our options meet or exceed Florida nutritional requirements and are delivered in a timely, safe, and professional manner. Our customer service hotline provides an extra backstop in ensuring that any issues can be rectified immediately. GA Foods’ execution of high quality food and excellent service provides a turn-key operation that allow the customers we serve to focus on the children’s education and well being, while having the peace of mind that the important nutritional element of the child’s day is taken care of by professionals.

  • Our turn-key service option provides meals, daily deliveries, and all of the supplies necessary for a complete dining experience
  • 1-800 customer service hotline makes resolving issues only a phone call away, even after normal business hours.
  • Highly convenient packaging or bulk service allows you to determine your staff’s involvement, and help fit your budget
  • Uniformed delivery drivers with professional appearance and demeanor
  • Minimal storage space required / no kitchen required
  • Includes equipment to reheat and store hot foods as necessary
  • Meals are prepared in facilities monitored daily by the USDA
  • Quality ingredients at a low cost
  • Strategic Partnership option available across multiple locations – leveraging our customer’s buying power, and providing consistency in cost, service, and quality to match your brand
  • Our child nutrition services are only available in the state of Florida