SimpleCook™ for Child Nutrition Programs

SimpleCook™ is an all new kitchen innovation from GA Foods that provides a flexible approach to charter and private school, as well as after school and Headstart program meals that…

  • Reduces the cost of your meal programSimpleCook - kitchen innovation from GA Foods
  • Improves food safety
  • Ensures “fresh from the oven” taste
  • Guarantees proper food temperatures at all stages of preparation
  • Allows multiple options matched to individual preferences for each mealtime
  • Works without a full kitchen by using the latest oven technology from GA Foods
  • Utilizes either our SchoolFuel™ frozen child nutrition meals that are chef and dietitian designed to incorporate great taste and nutrition

Breakfast and Lunch Options for Schools

SimpleCook™ is the perfect solution for private and charter schools wanting to serve a nutritious, hot breakfast and/or lunch.  Our SchoolFuel™ frozen meals are designed by our chef and dietitians specifically for children’s needs and preferences.  The flexibility of our innovative system means minimal space and equipment is necessary to provide meals that your students will love and their parents will appreciate.

How it Works

Step 1: Meals Produced by Chef and his Staff

Meals are produced in USDA kitchen

SchoolFuel Meals are prepared in our modern, continuously USDA-inspected production kitchen.

  • Meals are made with fresh, local (when possible) ingredients picked at the peak of ripeness and highest nutritional content.
  • Meals are prepared under constant USDA and food scientist supervision using HACCP and GMP processes.
  • Food samples and equipment are tested and analyzed during production to ensure the absence of pathogens.
  • Facility and process is inspected by USDA, FDA, and state and local authorities.

Step 2: Freezing Ensures Safety and Great Taste

Meals are Flash Frozen to lock in Freshness

Pre-plated (and portion-controlled) meals are flash-frozen in a spiral freezer.

  • Meals are maintained in cold storage at -10°F until delivery.
  • Safe handling is ensured and cold-chain remains unbroken throughout process.
  • Freezing preserves nutritional content at peak levels.

Step 3: Delivery

Safe food delivery

Meals are delivered weekly by specially designed freezer trucks.

  • Storage freezers can be provided by GA Foods, if needed.
  • Cold chain is never broken to ensure food safety.

Additional side components, such as dairy, bread, fruit & dessert, will be delivered on a regular schedule.

Step 4: School Staff Heats Meals for Breakfast or Lunch

Each day, the school’s staff will heat pre-plated meals for students.

  • Ovens can be provided by GA Foods, if needed.
  • School staff will be trained on safe food handling practices by GA Foods.


Step 5: Meals Enjoyed by Students

Delicious SunMeadow meals for seniors
  • Hot meals would be consumed by students fresh from the oven.
  • Students can be offered a choice of meals at meal time.
  • Meals are ensured to be safely handled through the entire process.
  • Offers more flexibility than traditional bulk meal production
  • Meals stay in the safe food temperature zone
  • Provides students with meal options
  • Fresh fruit, dairy and other sides can be easily incorporated into the menu
  • Equipment provided by GA Foods
  • More cost-effective

Tour of Orlando SimpleCook™ Kitchen

SimpleCook - kitchen innovation by GA Foods