Emergency Response

Due to the high volume of demand, GA Foods is offering a limited number of options for emergency response. More information at: https://info.sunmeadow.com/covid-19

Emergency Meal Services | Experience and Capabilities

GA Foods has supported DLA/FEMA’s response efforts for several natural disasters – Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria (2017) have been the largest. Our ability to rapidly activate our supply chain and logistics network meant that GA Foods was able to provide more meals to the victims of these storms than any other disaster response supplier.

US Military unloads SunMeadow emergency meal kits in Puerto Rico

SunMeadow emergency meal kits arrive in Puerto Rico

Meals supplied for recent major storms:

  • Hurricane Maria (15 million meals)
  • Hurricane Katrina (12 million meals)
  • Hurricanes Harvey & Irma
    (6.7 million meals)
  • Hurricane Ike (6 million meals)
  • Super Storm Sandy (2 million meals)
  • Hurricane Matthew (850,000 meals)

Internationally, GA Foods has supplied the U.S. military with shelf-stable and frozen meals that are delivered to facilities in extremely challenging, often combat, locations around the world. Our experienced logistics and supply chain team form the basis of one of GA Foods’ critical core competencies – rapid mobilization and production ramp-up. Our shelf-stable meal kits are held in stock at distributors throughout the U.S. for a quick response. Those stocks are followed quickly by a steady supply from our production facilities.

Disaster Relief Operations Plan


30,000 square foot manufacturing facility dedicated to emergency response

To ensure a rapid and successful response to a disaster, GA Foods has implemented the following:

  • Multiple facilities with ten to fifteen assembly lines available for production
  • Vendor agreements to ensure adequate supply chain
  • One idle manufacturing line located in a 30,000 square foot facility dedicated exclusively to disaster response and ready for immediate use
  • Tested and proven inbound and outbound logistics plans

The Company, Since 1973

Hurricane Maria in Puerto RicoFor over 40 years, GA Foods has served people in need and facing challenging situations. GA Foods has the flexibility and financial wherewithal to respond in an emergency quickly. Our experience supporting FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Military has given the organization the capability to support large-scale emergencies anywhere in the world quickly.