Home-Delivered Meals for LTSS

GA Foods works closely with many Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) programs to address the needs of this vulnerable population. Nutrition is clinically proven to be effective in treating and slowing the progression of several leading chronic conditions. We offer nutrition counseling to help members manage their conditions from the comfort of home.

Our medically-tailored meals are designed by a team of Registered Dietitians and provide proper nutrition to your member.

  • Studies show that home-delivered meals can significantly improve diet quality, nutrient intake, and reduce food insecurity and nutritional risk.  Home-delivered meal recipients also have a significant reduction in ER visits, inpatient visits, and emergency transportation. 
  • 92% of home-delivered meals recipients report the meals help them live more independently and allow them to continue living in their own homes.
  • Approximately 85% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and arthritis.  Chronic disease management is one of the most critical and challenging problems in healthcare today. 
  •  It is estimated that 40% of those with chronic illnesses are malnourished

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How GA Foods Can Help
GA Foods’ Support Delivered at Home is a comprehensive program to provide in-home services to address Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). The program is built around our nearly 50-year history of providing these services for older adults and those needing additional assistance to remain independent.

      Home-delivered meals for seniors

    • GA Foods’ specially trained Field Service Representatives (FSRs) deliver meals personally to the members’ homes. They are the second set of eyes and can report any concerns to case managers.
    • FSRs can unpack meals for the member. Meals are only left on doorsteps if specifically requested by the recipient and approved by the case manager. FSRs undergo extensive criminal background checks, driving record review, and drug screening.
    • Proprietary tablet technology enables GA Foods to track meal delivery in real-time, capture electronic signatures for record-keeping, and conduct custom surveys of meal recipients with real-time results.
    • Our multi-lingual and HIPAA-compliant care team supports case managers and clients/members in our care.
    • Care Team Representatives are trained to manage concerns for the well-being of our client members reported by our Field Service Representatives.  We will call 911 in an emergency and contact the assigned Case Manager immediately.
    • Executive Chef Michael Thrash crafts SunMeadow-brand home-delivered meals.Menus are
      • Developed by Registered Dietitians to meet the unique nutrient requirements of older adults
      • Designed to meet or exceed the recommended nutrition guidelines for older adults
      • Accompanied by complete nutrient analysis of each meal as well as an overall analysis for each weekly package
    • Culinary experts prepare our high-quality meals. Our executive chef adds flavor and flair to familiar foods that appeal to the generations of consumers we serve. Better tasting meals mean older adults will eat and have better health outcomes.
    • GA Foods offers more than 60 fresh frozen and shelf-stable meals.
    • We offer meals that are heart-healthy and diabetic-friendly.
    • Meals are prepared in USDA-inspected and approved facilities where an independent USDA inspector is onsite during all meal preparation to ensure proper procedures are used for food safety.

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