KickStart Maternal Health

Maternal Health from GA Foods

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

GA Foods offers complete nutritional solutions to support pregnant women and new moms who face challenges related to social determinants of health. Adequate nutrition can be difficult when compounded by financial uncertainty, the anxiety of food insecurity, and mental health issues. By partnering with GA Foods, mothers and their families can receive nutritious meals delivered right to their homes. Our KickStart meal program helps remove barriers to achieve optimal health.

Nutrition Matters

Nutrition is vital for expectant mothers, especially for those who are at a high risk. GA Foods offers SunMeadow® meals designed by Registered Dietitians to support healthy development and avoid complications, such as low birth weight and premature delivery.

Proper maternal health is essential for:

  • Healthy blood pressure, weight, and wellness
  • Reduced total cost of care per member
  • Member satisfaction
  • Reduced LOS (length of stay)
  • Full-term pregnancy
  • Avoiding NICU admissions

Medically-Tailored Meals

Our variety of frozen or shelf-stable meals provides flexibility in your meal program. Medically-Tailored Meals are available to manage existing conditions or treat those that occur during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are most vulnerable when facing:

  • High-risk medical and social needs, such as food insecurity
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Obesity
  • Bed rest
  • Multiple births

Our Solution

Our personalized KickStart program offers telehealth counseling sessions that partner members with a Registered Dietitian (RD) during pregnancy and after discharge from the hospital. Our member-centric approach combines valuable health education with a medically-tailored meal plan to fit the unique prenatal and postpartum needs. Text messaging keeps mothers engaged and supported throughout their pregnancy.


Telehealth Counseling
with Registered Dietitians

Health Education



Engagement Communications via Text

Member Engagement

Medically-Tailored Meals


KickStart Maternal Health can reduce pregnancy complications, increase breastfeeding likelihood, and improve infant development and healthy delivery. Connecting members to community resources provides on-going assistance to meet the needs of mothers and their babies. Our nutrition counseling services are a cost-effective way to close care gaps and boost member engagement.

Whether it’s preparing moms-to-be for a healthy delivery or helping them recover after birth, our KickStart program helps women through every phase of their journey.

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