Nutrition for Older Adults and Recovering Patients

Emergency Meal Kits

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Home-Delivered Meals

We understand that it’s not enough that we’ve been the leader in senior nutrition since 1973.

Continued innovation is the hallmark of GA Foods!

Our senior meal program provides nutritionally balanced home-delivered meals comprised of restaurant-inspired recipes filled with the finest ingredients and prepared in a USDA certified facility. Our menus are constantly evolving – keeping member favorites, but adding interesting and tasty additions throughout the year.

All of our SunMeadow® brand meals meet or exceed the federal and state regulatory guidelines, and we offer meals that are heart healthy and diabetic-friendly. We also have renal, puréed, kosher, and vegetarian options to meet the needs of the aging population.

Why do our customers continually rely on GA Foods to service their clients and members?

Because our customer service and delivery process set us apart from the rest, our customer service reps are specially trained to match our diverse product line with your member’s needs. After the order is specially prepared, completed and safely packed, our drivers personally deliver your order right to the member, and our specially-trained drivers are cleared to enter the home to ensure all SunMeadow® meals are carefully placed in the freezer. You can rest assured that a GA Foods driver will take the time to make a personal connection with your members, and even keep you apprised of anything out of the ordinary. High quality and turnkey from the very first order all the way to delivery to your member’s kitchen, at GA Foods, we consider ourselves your partner when it comes to servicing the needs of our older adult community.

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