Congregate Meals

Why Congregate Meals Are Important
Title VI in 1972 authorized funds for a national nutrition program for the elderly under the Older Americans Act of 1965.  In 1973, Title V and Title IX  created grants to local community agencies for multi-purpose senior centers and established congregate meals programs.

Neighborly Care Network and GA Foods

Serving Neighborly Care Network – June 9, 1974

That same year, GA Foods began service as the nutrition services provider for our first customer (who is still a customer today!)  For 45 years, we have grown and evolved with the elder services providers who are a critical backbone of support for the seniors in our communities.

Congregate nutrition services sometimes referred to as C1 meals, grew from the goal of providing healthy and nutritious meals to seniors…and a place designed for fellowship and social connection.  Senior centers across the country have played a vital role in helping seniors maintain mental and physical health through their hard work and targeted programs.  We are proud to have supported their mission since 1973.

How GA Foods Can Help
GA Foods approaches congregate meal preparation in two ways – traditional “hot kitchens” and our proprietary, innovative SimpleCook® system.

From our multiple congregate kitchens, we prepare and deliver hot meals to senior centers located within a delivery radius that can ensure hold times that protect the high quality and safety of our meals.  Outside those areas, we offer our innovative SimpleCook® system.

The flexibility of our modular SimpleCook® system allows home and community-based service providers the ability to customize meal programs to best fit their needs. Service options can be “mixed and matched” to create the optimal combination for each situation. SimpleCook® works with our SunMeadow® meals that are designed specifically for seniors’ nutritional needs and taste preferences.

  • Executive Chef Michael Thrash crafts GA Foods congregate meals

    Executive Chef Michael Thrash

Menus are

  • Developed by Registered Dietitians to meet the unique nutrient requirements of older adults
  • Designed to meet or exceed the recommended nutrition guidelines for seniors
  • Accompanied by complete nutrient analysis of each meal as well as an overall analysis for each weekly package
  • Culinary experts prepare our high-quality meals. Our executive chef adds flavor and flair to familiar foods that appeal to the generations of consumers we serve. Better tasting meals mean seniors will eat and have better health outcomes.
  • We offer meals that are heart-healthy and diabetic-friendly.
  • Proprietary tablet technology enables GA Foods to track meal delivery in real-time, capture electronic signatures for record keeping, and conduct custom surveys of meal recipients with real-time results.

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