Shelf Stable Meals

shelf stable meals for seniorsshelf stable meals for seniorsIdeal for those severe weather days or just as a supplemental meal for weekends and holidays, SunMeadow® shelf-stable meals offer a nutritious meal in minutes with minimal preparation. Pre-packaged in attractive easy-to-open containers, these products can be designed to suit your needs, or they are available in convenient one, two, five, and seven-meal combinations. No refrigeration is necessary, and all items have at least a six-to-nine month shelf life!

Our SunMeadow® line of pantry meals meets all of the RDA and DRI standards required for the Older Americans’ Act Title III-C nutrition programs. Our shelf-stable pantry meals are available in the following multi-day packages:

GA Foods is also proud to support a SunMeadow® kosher line of meals available in single meal packs in two delicious options.

No matter what your shelf-stable needs are, GA Foods has the right combination of trusted SunMeadow® meals for you!