Our Vision and Mission

At GA Foods, we are focused on two things: nourishing those in need and delivering assistance where and when it is needed.  Our mission, simply stated, is Nourishment. Delivered.

To “nourish” not only means to sustain with food and to supply with what is necessary for life, health and growth, but also to cherish, foster, and to support or encourage.  We understand we touch lives by providing our food with compassion, empathy, care, and service to those who need it most.  We have proudly served seniors, children, American troops, disaster victims and others facing difficult circumstances since 1973.

Nourishment. Delivered.

Alimentación.  Entregada.

Bon Manje. Lakay Ou.

GA Foods and the SunMeadow® brand deliver on multiple fronts.   GA Foods is the only MedWaiver/Meals on Wheels provider to personally deliver our meals to every client’s front door, kitchen, pantry or freezer.  Our meals consistently beat competitors in taste tests and are planned by our team of experienced Registered Dietitians to meet or exceed federal and state regulatory guidelines. Each meal is low in sodium, low in fat, low in cholesterol, and low in sugar, making them suitable for individuals needing modified diets for diabetes and cardiac disease. Rich in vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle and prepared by our culinary team in a USDA inspected and approved facility, SunMeadow® meals have become the standard for taste and nutrition in our industry.  Our 40 years of experience means you can trust that GA Foods and SunMeadow® deliver as promised.